Olana – Hudson, NY

In June of 1869, prominent Hudson River School painter Frederic Church hired Calvert Vaux to serve as the architect of his new home, to be situated high above the river just outside the city of Hudson, New York. Such a beautiful setting and Vaux’s proven ability to merge natural landscape with building design drew Church to Vaux. the painter relied upon Vaux’s skill to help merge his fascination with Middle Eastern architecture with a breathtaking Hudson Valley setting, achieved masterfully through this collaboration between two brilliantly talented men.

Source: Francis Kowsky, Country, Park & City: The Architecture and Life of Calvert Vaux (Oxford Univ Press, 1998)

  • Olana - courtesy Olana Partnership
  • Olana - Tower - 9.19.10 - photo by Alan Strauber
  • Olana - Rear Door Detail - 9.19.10 - photo by Alan Strauber
  • Olana - Window and Awning Detail - 9.19.10 - photo by Alan Strauber